The ultimate friend

So, the word African Hunting Safari pops up and immediately you are intrigued. Its has always been on your bucket list so your interest should peak at the first sign of the word…kind of like a Kudu when it hears a twig break under you foot. Immediate there is laser focus in his eyes and it appears as if their ears grow to 7 times their normal size. You too have frozen so as not to blow your cover…you can hear your blood rushing through your veins and your breathing is so noisy that it sounds like you are breathing into a paper bag. Seconds tick by and it feels like there is a hour between each beat…tick…tock. Then the big bull lets out a deafening bark and within a split second disappears into the brush…gone! You look down at your feet, the culprits for ruining this stalk and you want to scold them…but not too much…as they still have to get your butt back to camp…

That night, whilst sitting around the camp fire, you can still taste the disappointment as you tell the story of the monster bull that got away. The warmth of the camp fire along with the sweet smell of the Acacia Thorn Tree wood burning is soothing. You look at the people sitting around the fire with you, and then it hits you…they are your hunting buddies, some from childhood, and this is Africa…and just like that the bitter taste of disappointment vanishes and your heart feels like it’s about to explode joy!

This sounds like a dream come true,

  • But getting the time off work-it’s just 5 days.
  • But its so expensive-You can qualify for up to 40% off- from as little as $ 2 430.00?
  • But I don’t know where to start-This outfitter will take care of ALL the arrangements…All!

The difference between groups of friends that get to hunt Africa and those that don’t, is that the groups that did, had one friend that said:

"We are going on safari to Africa; I have booked and here are the dates"


Be that Friend.


Make the Memories. Live your dreams!

For more info on where to get started we have an article in our Blog section to assist you:

The Ant bear to Zebra of what you need to know about booking a Safari in Africa and everything in-between!”