You ever feel that you have gone from a Race horse to tired trapped ass?

From as far back as you can remember you have always dreamed of hunting in Africa, You have watched the video’s maybe you even read some of the books….adventures of when the legends of past chased herds of buffalo across the plains trying to outsmart them…The alert Impala attentively listening for the hunters every mistake or maybe it’s was the Grey Ghost (kudu) that you chased all night in your dreams that made you get out of bed, dead tired!

You ever woke up just before you were about to pull the trigger…and no matter what you do you ain’t going to fall asleep again. You try and finish the dream with your eyes open, but it just ain’t the same and you have to tip your hat to that magnificent African animal as he trots away! With the morning sun warming the side of your face and the fresh scent of the African Karoo Thorn Tree in the air you watch as he slips out of sight into the thick bush. Frozen in the moment you scan the beauty that surrounds you and try and plan tomorrows hunt in the hopes that he will be back again?

But must these dreams just stay dreams or can they become a reality? What could be stopping you?

  • Well firstly it’s on the other side of the world! There are so many unknowns:
  • where to stay?
  • where to hunt?
  • who will help me?
  • What will I hunt?
  • Safety
  • Costs?

And on top of all of these, you have family and work commitments, deadlines to meet, people to see and places to go! Some days you aren’t sure who is winning between your exhaustion and your guilt for not being able to do more for your family and work…one thing’s for sure, it ain’t you!

You have been on this treadmill for so long…unable to recharge your batteries, that when an opportunity to go hunting comes your way you stand aside because the thought of getting out there, feeling like you do now, is too much!

You might fall asleep on the stalk!!

What if there was a way that you could go to Africa on Your dream African safari and all the arrangements were made for you? Starting with a US based travel agent to book your flights for you as well as:

  • Providing all your accommodation for the duration of your hunt!
  • Arranging all the hunting areas for you!
  • Providing you with a Professional Hunter, Skinner/Tracker and hunting Vehicle!
  • Providing you with a list of animals to hunt, with all the necessary permits!
  • Providing airport assistance for safe passage through the airports with a pick up and drop off service!
  • At a cost of up to 40% off the normal price. From as little as
    $ 2 430.00 per person

If this is something that you want to see more about then follow this link:

If you want to know where to start and what to expect follow this link to our blog on:

The Ant bear to Zebra of what you need to know about booking a Safari in Africa and everything in-between!”

Take back your life…make memories…You’ll have them for the rest of your life to enjoy!