The ultimate friend

So, the word African Hunting Safari pops up and immediately you are intrigued. Its has always been on your bucket list so your interest should peak at the first sign of the word…kind of like a Kudu when it hears a twig break under you foot. Immediate there is laser focus in his eyes and […]

You ever feel that you have gone from a Race horse to tired trapped ass?

From as far back as you can remember you have always dreamed of hunting in Africa, You have watched the video’s maybe you even read some of the books….adventures of when the legends of past chased herds of buffalo across the plains trying to outsmart them…The alert Impala attentively listening for the hunters every mistake […]

The A to Z of booking your trip

Planning and Booking your next African Safari. Traveling internationally can be so daunting with all the arrangements that need to be made, where to stay, where to eat, will it be safe? Now throw the word Africa into that sentence and for many it is just too a big task to even attempt. And sadly, […]